Cardiovascular Image Analysis

  • Cardiovascular phenotype-genotype analysis within a CT based lung cancer screening trial; Population Imaging Genetics (ImaGene)
    Bob, Jurica, Annelotte, Ivana, P.I.W. de Bakker, P.A. de Jong, W.P.T.M. Mali, M.A. Viergever
  • Atherosclerotic plaque identification, characterization and quantification in cardiac CT
    Jelmer , Ivana, Tim Leiner, M.A. Viergever
  • Calcifications of Intracranial arteries
    Nikola Gotovac, Ivana, Josip Fajdić, Max, Birgitta K Velthuis
  • Cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis in CT based lung cancer screening trials
    Bram, Ivana, Pim, Max
  • Automated cardiovascular risk prediction in women with breast cancer undergoing radiotherapy treatment planning CT
    Bram, Ivana, Pim, Max

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