3D Digital Pathology

The 3DPathology project addresses the increasing digital pathology demands with the reducing number of qualified pathologists by developing AI methods for automated analyzing, grading digital slices. Moreover, this project addresses the generation of 3D pathology samples and spectroscopic analysis.



Philips, Barco, Prodrive, Xavis, PS-Tech.


Journal Articles


I. Jansen, M. Lucas, J. Bosschieter, O.J. de Boer, S.L. Meijer, T.G. van Leeuwen, H.A. Marquering, J.A. Nieuwenhuijzen, D.M. de Bruin,; C.D. Savci-Heijink

Automated detection and grading of non-muscle-invasive urothelial cell carcinoma of the bladder Journal Article

The American journal of pathology, 190 (7), pp. 1483-1490, 2020.

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M. Lucas, E.I. Liem, C.D. Savci-Heijink, J.E. Freund, H.A. Marquering, T.G. van Leeuwen; D.M. de Bruin

Toward Automated In Vivo Bladder Tumor Stratification Using Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy Journal Article

Journal of Endourology, 33 (11), pp. 930-937, 2019.

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M. Lucas, I. Jansen, C.D. Savci-Heijink, S.L. Meijer, O.J. de Boer, T.G. van Leeuwen, D.M. de Bruin; H.A. Marquering

Deep learning for automatic Gleason pattern classification for grade group determination of prostate biopsies Journal Article

Virchows Archiv, 475 (1), pp. 77-83, 2019.

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I. Jansen, M. Lucas, C.D. Savci-Heijink, S.L. Meijer, E.I. Liem, O.J. de Boer, T.G. van Leeuwen, H.A. Marquering; D.M. de Bruin

Three-dimensional histopathological reconstruction of bladder tumours Journal Article

Diagnostic pathology, 14 (1), pp. 1-7, 2019.

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D.R.N. Vos, I. Jansen, M. Lucas, M.R.L. Paine, O.J. de Boer, S.L. Meijer, C.D. Savci-Heijink, H.A. Marquering, D.M. de Bruin, R.M.A. Heeren; S.R. Ellis

Strategies for managing multi-patient 3D mass spectrometry imaging data Journal Article

Journal of Proteomics, 193 , pp. 184-191, 2019.

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I. Jansen, M. Lucas, C.D. Savci-Heijink, S.L. Meijer, H.A. Marquering, D.M. de Bruin; P.J. Zondervan

Histopathology: ditch the slides, because digital and 3D are on show Journal Article

World journal of urology, 36 (4), pp. 549-555, 2018.

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