Marinka Oudkerk Pool

PhD candidate
e-mail: m [dot] d [dot] oudkerkpool [at] amsterdamumc [dot] nl
Phone: +31 56 60226
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Marinka Oudkerk Pool studied technical medicine at the University of Twente, from which she received her Master of Science degree in 2019. Marinka has chosen the Medical Sensing & Stimulation track during her masters, which combines well with her interest in ECG analysis. Marinka has started her PhD in Februari 2019 at the Department of Cardiology in the Amsterdam UMC, and additionally joined QIA group at the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Physics in February 2020. Her main research topic is cardiac arrhythmia in patients with congenitive heart disease, which is mostly focused on ECG analysis.



M. Oudkerk Pool, B.D. De Vos, J.M. Wolterink, S. Blok, M.J. Schuuring, H. Bleijendaal, D.A.J. Dohmen, I.I. Tulevski, G.A. Somsen, B.J.M. Mulder, Y. Pinto, B.J. Bouma, I. Išgum, M.M. Winter

Distinguishing sinus rhythm from atrial fibrillation on single-lead ECGs using a deep neural network Abstract

In: 2020.

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M.D. Oudkerk Pool, J.P. Bokma , R.R. Lopes, Y. Pinto, M.M. Winter

Predicting mortality in patients with tetralogy of Fallot using machine learning Abstract

In: Scientific Autumn Congress of the Netherlands Society of Cardiology, 2019.

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M.D. Oudkerk Pool, D. Kauw, M.J. Schuuring, G.A. Somsen, I.I. Tulevski, B.J. Bouma, B.J.M. Mulder, M.M. Winter

mHealth enables early diagnosis and therapeutic intervention in patients with congenital heart disease Abstract

In: European Society of Cardiology Congress, Paris , 2019.

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