Matthijs van Eede

E-mail: m [dot] c [dot] vaneede [at] umcutrecht [dot] nl
Phone: +31 88 75 69694
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Matthijs van Eede received a B.A.Sc. in Computer Science in 2004 and his M.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering specializing in visualization in 2008 from the Eindhoven University of Technology in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. In 2007 Matthijs joined the Mouse Imaging Centre in Toronto as a programmer/analyst to work with Dr. John Sled and Dr. Jason Lerch. There he was a lab manager responsible for software development (design and implementation) to facilitate medical image processing with the main focus on image registration. He is also resonsible for statistical data analysis as part of various collaborations. In March 2018 Matthijs joined the Image Science Institute as a researcher to work for Dr. Ivana Isgum’s QIA group.